Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Review: The Dream Thief (Drakon #2) by Shana Abe

The Dream Thief (Drakon #2) 

Synopsis: Buried deep within the Carpathian Mountains lies the legendary dreaming diamond known as Draumr, the only gem with the power to enslave the drakon. Since childhood, Lady Amalia Langford, daughter of the clan's Alpha, has heard its haunting ballad but kept it secret, along with another rare Gift: Lia can hear the future. In it, she realizes that the diamond - along with the fate of the drakon - rests in the hands of Zane, a human...and her future lover. A master thief, Zane is the only man trusted by the drakon to bring them the stone. But Lia knows that he straddles two world and will become either her ally - or her overlord. Now, driven by the urgent song - and by her visions of Zane - Lia breaks every rule to join him. For to protect her tribe she must tie her destiny to that of the one man capable of stealing her future...and destroying her heart.

Normally with book series, the first book is typically the best one. And while I absolutely loved The Smoke Thief, The Dream Thief surpasses it in almost every way. It is darker, sexier, and more epic than the first book. 

The Dream Thief follows Amalia Langford, the daughter of Rue and Kit from the first book, and Zane who was also featured in The Smoke Thief as the hardened child-thief who had been taken in by Rue. Zane is all grown up now in The Dream Thief and he makes one hell of a sexy leading man. Hardened and cynical from his years in London's underbelly he wants nothing to do with love- he wants only power and money. It is so satisfying as a reader to see Zane's change of heart as he falls in love with Amalia - the moment when he actually realizes it is breathtakingly romantic. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The redemption of a bad boy is a common trope in romance novels but I like how Zane doesn't have a complete personality overhaul - his character changes in a realistic and believable way while his charmingly sarcastic wit stays intact.

Lia is another wonderful character. Her terrifying visions of the future have made her desperate to save her family - even if it means sacrificing the man she loves. Her struggle with her duty to keep her tribe safe versus her attraction to Zane makes her into an intriguing and complex character. She doesn't have the same kind of strength as her mother, Rue - part of it is not being able to complete the Turn, despite her four other siblings being able to. She is determined, though - and not afraid to love a man who has the potential to tear her entire family apart. 

I enjoyed the whole 'quest' aspect of the story - it was definitely on a grander scale than the last book. I thought the climax of the book was spectacular and a little bit heart-wrenching to read - but this being a romance novel, we all know that it works out in the end. Well, maybe not everything. In these books, actions have consequences and those can be devastating. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all works out in the next three books.

If you like romantic stories that feature 'forbidden love', look no further. This one tops them all.

Who would play Zane in a movie:

The delightful Andrew Lee Potts, who played a devastatingly sexy Hatter on the SyFy miniseries Alice. He's able to play a charming rogue with a sarcastic sense of humor - he would be perfect.

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