Friday, August 8, 2014

Book Review: The Treasure Keeper (Drakon #4) by Shana Abe

The Treasure Keeper (Drakon, #4) 

Synopsis: She is a young drakon of untried powers. He is the powerful second son of the Alpha male from their clan of shapeshifting, supersensual beings. And what she is about to attempt will violate every taboo and break every law that bind the drakon together - and just may save them from destruction.
     A mere seamstress's daughter, Zoe Cyprienne Lane isn't even in the same league as Lord Rhys Langford. Nothing could be more shocking than the notion that she'd set out to find her childhood friend and first true love. But when news arrives in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania that Rhys is being held captive, that's just what she does. Guided by her own hidden gifts and her psychic link to Rhys - his presence and touch as electric as if he were beside her in the flesh - Zoe is his last lifeline to a world and a passion he thought he'd never regain. Only reunited, hunter and huntress, can they save the drakon from those who would destroy them all.

This is definitely the darkest and most complex novel in the Drakon series so far. There is an overwhelming sense of dread and heaviness while you read it and while Lord Rhys offers some comic relief with his dry wit and acerbic observations, this is not really a fun read. 

I shouldn't say it's not fun to read. It's a romance novel featuring shape-shifting dragons - of course it's fun to read. I suppose what I should say is that it is not as fun to read as the last three books. There seems to be a lot of death in this book along with pain and sorrow - and the twist at the ending is a little depressing and disturbing. Maybe other readers won't have such a problem with it - maybe it's just because I become so engrossed in these novels that the problems the characters face seem real to me and it affects my mood as I'm reading.

Lord Rhys Langford is definitely my favorite character. He's rebellious and sarcastic and doesn't apologize for his roguish nature - one of his sisters even describes him as 'piratical'. It's a shame he spends about half the novel as a sort of spirit/ghost thing that only Zoe, his love interest, can see, thanks to her psychic Gifts. Like the last novel, I was not left swooning over the romance between Rhys and Zoe. I thought there were some romantic moments between them but I don't think any other couple in the Drakon series will compare to the couples in The Smoke Thief (Rue/Kit) and The Dream Theif (Zane/Lia.)

The ending has a shocking twist and sets up for the next book, which is the final one in the series. If you like neat, tidy endings you might not like this book. Overall, I thought it was an exciting installment in the Drakon series even though it is definitely not my favorite. I'm excited to see how the story unfolds in the final book.

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