Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, fellow book lovers and welcome to my new book blog, Suicide by Books. Why such a morbid name for a blog, I hear you ask? Basically I picked the name because it sounded cool and nobody else had it yet. So there.

My passion for books is anything but morbid. I am a full-blown book nerd currently in possession of seven bookshelves stuffed with 885 books. (Yes I know the exact number of books I own and keep track of them on LibraryThing. Big deal, I bet a lot of people do it. I'm not weird.)

I will read anything and everything. Any book, any genre, for any age group. If it has words, pages, and a cover, I will read it, so the reviews on here will be varied. I'm always looking for new books to discover, so if you have a recommendation for me, leave a comment.

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